Who We Serve

We offer solutions for your hospital, medical center, or healthcare facility - in one place.

If you're struggling to find a local supplier of high-quality PPE at the lowest cost, we are here to help.

Industry Focus

We supply the industry with premium, accessible PPE, so you can breathe easily.

Our solutions in medical supply procurement are facilitated by our cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service.

At NewRain, we aim to go beyond expectations for our healthcare community members and give them the tools to face challenges ahead and exceed the demand for their services. Our solutions for medical supplies aim to maximize profitability, servicing providers such as:

Emergency Medical ServicesNewRain works to serve you with better supply performance for your rescue product needs and emergency medical supplies to prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Physician Office LaboratoriesWe offer the potential to improve point-of-care delivery with our wide selection of rapid, professional treatment products.

Integrated Delivery NetworksWe offer health system solutions to remove the complexities of multiple points of care for economic and clinical value.

Ambulatory Surgery CentersRely on us as your partner to help manage the costs of your procedures and reduce the costs for better OR efficiency.

Urgent Care CentersFor value-priced products and supply-chain solutions, we can meet the requirements of our expanding, competitive market.

Providers and SpecialtiesFor better point-of-care diagnostics and treatment, we can distribute the PPE supplies you need to enhance the value of your practice.

Community Health CentersAs a one-stop source federally run health centers, our efficient supply-chain factors allow public healthcare facilitates to focus on their communities.

Occupational Health CentersFor employers taking ownership of their role in the industry, our services and products can enable better ROI performance.

Freestanding Emergency CentersNewRain aims to provide emergency centers with better inventory management solutions to deliver high-quality health care promptly.